Turn Your “Quick Stop” Into The Stop

As consumer lifestyles and expectations continue to change in an ever-changing world there is a strong trend towards frequent, flexible, and convenient food buying. Today’s C&G stores have an exciting opportunity to meet the needs of consumers wishing to shop in a smaller grocery environment that still offers the very best in fresh foods. As an industry leader in temperature-controlled food display cases, Structural Concepts offers quality, reliable display solutions to help businesses within the Convenience and Gas channel evolve as consumer expectations continue to demand more variety in product offerings, especially fresh, healthy foods.

Become a Grocery Destination

Current consumers are buying fewer items more frequently, and are looking for convenient grocery options closer to home. With the use of refrigerated self-service displays, offering consumers fruit, salads, sandwiches and other items they purchase multiple times a week, C-Stores can provide a simple solution to a reoccurring task that is sure to earn repeat business.

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MODEL: B4524

Provide Simple Stops

As convenience stores evolve, all transactions must remain quick and painless. Use the right display cases to showcase products without losing the ability for customers to shop quickly and efficiently. Offer fresh donuts at the same counter where your barista is making fresh coffee, or display cold beverages at the checkout counter for those stopping for gas and a soda. Consider convenience at every step to truly maximize sales within your footprint.


Capitalize on Hot Spots

As fresh, healthy foods continue to trend in popularity, consider placing them in popular areas of the store. Use endcaps to present healthy snack options right when customers walk in, or an island to pair food and drinks together to accommodate the mealtime rush. Understand the flow of customers in your store and place popular items right in front of them for convenient options they won’t pass up.