We believe owning a refrigerated display case shouldn’t be hard work.

That’s why we designed the Structural Concept’s Breeze slide-out refrigeration system. Day-in and day-out it’s dependable.

Breeze with EnergyWise is an easier-to-maintain; truly slide-out refrigeration system. It’s designed with aircraft grade flexible refrigeration tubing instead of copper, allowing the entire condensing unit to slide out repeatedly without risk of refrigerant leaks or blockages, providing complete and easy access to all components for efficient maintenance and service with no tools required.

Breeze has a smart microprocessor that recognizes ambient conditions and adjusts the defrost cycle automatically to reduce ice buildup which results in a more consistent temperature, a key to extending product shelf life. Our oversized condenser coil takes the strain off the compressor by utilizing increased air flow that more efficiently rejects heat from the system, and consumes less energy in turn. That means a longer life for the refrigeration system and stronger performance overall.

When it comes to display case design, the refrigeration system must operate effectively within one of NSF’s operating environments, for the case to be NSF approved for use.

  • Type I – Cases operating in environments that don’t exceed 75˚F and 55% relative humidity – Breeze with EnergyWise is certified to operate in Type I conditions
  • Type II – Cases operating in higher ambient conditions up to 80˚F and 60% relative humidity – Breeze-E with EnergyWise is Type II compliant

Although the conditions for Type II appear only slightly higher than Type I, the 5 point increase in both temperature and humidity is much larger than it appears. With onsite food preparation and energy management systems in place, many foodservice locations operate in conditions closer to the Type II environments than Type I.

Structural Concepts designed the Breeze-E with EnergyWise system to operate in the “real world” and it’s capable of operating in NSF Type II conditions all of the time. Our Breeze-E refrigeration system has all the same great features of Breeze, only it’s designed to hold safe products temperatures in warmer, more humid operating environments. Breeze-E is standard on most Oasis grab & go models.

Both Breeze and Breeze-E refrigeration systems offer rugged reliability, unmatched ease of service, and superior temperature consistency. That’s engineering at its best.