Both Breeze and Breeze-E systems feature EnergyWise, our proven energy-saving refrigeration design.

The EnergyWise refrigeration system utilizes energy-efficient components and advanced compressor and evaporator pan designs to reduce daily energy consumption by as much as 50%, offering a savings of over $1,000 per year in electricity costs.

These EnergyWise components collectively provide significant energy savings:

  • Hot Gas Condensate Pan runs hot gas by-product from the compressor through pan tubes to evaporate defrost water without using electricity. By far the single largest contributor to the daily energy savings.
  • High-Efficiency Compressor is small in size and requires less energy to achieve the same BTUH’s per hour.
  • Rifled Tube Coil are etched, fluted evaporator coil tubes that create more surface area and turbulence in the refrigerant providing a more efficient transfer of heat through the coils.
  • ECM Fan Motors used are 325% more efficient than shaded pole motors. The IP 66/67 evaporator motor allows wash down capability and provides increased durability during cleaning and operation.
  • LED Lighting is 75% more energy efficient than fluorescent lighting and provides 50,000+ hour lifespan to reduce replacement costs.

We’ve combined all the great features of our Breeze and Breeze-E refrigeration systems with our proven EnergyWise energy saving components, for a perfect combination that’s proven to save you dollars and the environment.