Irresistible, fresh food that stops you in your tracks: that’s the beauty of Reveal®

Seamless designs that compliment and never compete.

Reveal® is a versatile food display case that truly blends in with its surroundings. It’s simple and minimal in appearance so you see the food, not the display. The European-influenced design features frameless insulated glass complemented by superior refrigeration performance,

A box within a box.

Reveal® transcends aesthetics to deliver exceptional refrigeration with a state-of-the-art UV-bonded glass box design. UV Insulated Glass (UVIG) technology allows the glass-to-glass seams of the box to virtually disappear, eliminating any distraction from the food inside. The box-within-a-box construction forms ample air space between glass panes to provide the insulation needed to prevent condensation. Reveal® is designed and tested to maintain safe refrigerated food temperatures in higher ambient environments. Each model comes with an easy-to-access refrigeration system to simplify maintenance and improve functionality.

The finer details.

Reveal® offers more than 20 different models with multiple options and mix-and-match capabilities that allow you to design an environment you can call your own. It has been rigorously tested to guarantee safe arrival and reliable refrigeration performance. Nowhere else will you find the perfect combination of form and function.


  • Variety of finishes offered
  • Minimized interior components
  • Adjustable rear-mounted shelves
  • Removable reflective rear sliding doors
  • UVIG condensation-free glass
  • Breeze-E slide out-refrigeration
  • Designed for NSF Type II environments
  • Protected and secure shipping
  • Removable installation handles
  • Made in USA