Our G-Series Vertical Glass cases have eliminated the unsightly metal framing that detracts from the merchandise being displayed. Instead of a standard hinged front glass our bonded vertical glass case offers an unobstructed jewelry case look. To provide this high-end style we’ve combined our expertise in UV bonded glass design with a rear-lift glass hinge, providing an all-glass view with a full-height case opening for easier merchandising and cleaning access.

With the rear hinge design, the bonded glass opens to an 85˚angle maximum, lifting the glass up and out of the way for associates to easily restock product or clean the case interior. This near full-height lift helps eliminate problems commonly associated with standard front-hinged glass displays that retail associates know all too well; the risk of banging their head and the awkward maneuvering needed to get under a half-open front glass. Our glass lift design also removes the visual barrier from the front edge providing both maximum visibility and maximum accessibility. Structural Concepts measures PVI™ (product visibility index) as the ratio of product visibility versus case structure or hardware visible from a point of six feet in front of a fully loaded merchandiser. Our vertical glass display cases receive high ratings, minimizing hardware to maximize PVI™.

Our popular G-Series line of display cases, available in low, mid or high capacity versions, include vertical glass models perfect for use within the Deli, Bakery, or Meat and Seafood departments. Our sleek, clean and simple design puts the spotlight right where it should be, on your food.