Atmosphere Nebulization Technology

Game-changing displays for meat and seafood.

For far too long meat and seafood, departments have been plagued by messy ice tables or underutilized refrigerated units that lack the visual appeal needed to drive sales for operators. Atmosphere®, Structural Concepts’ introduction of multi-tiered units, changes the game in fresh red meat, seafood, and poultry display, driving sales and increasing profit per square foot for operators.

Research has shown a high-quality meat and seafood department is second only to produce in driving store loyalty; poor quality departments result in just the opposite. In a time when numerous competitors are fighting for their share of your shopping cart, standing out is critical. Currently, the industry standard for display is either a single level gravity case or a gravity coil hybrid case with either a blower coil or chilled glycol shelf. Both systems are the product of the need for humidity control and moisture loss prevention, as product integrity is key to selling fresh meat and seafood products. The most significant drawback of both systems is the overhead gravity coil which: 1) limits merchandising capacity and flexibility; and 2) is large and bulky rather than a minimalist design, blocking light and distracting from the presentation of the meat and seafood products. Case capacity is also a major issue because smaller capacity cases require a larger footprint to display the same amount of product, and cost of space is extremely high in many retail locations.

The alternative to a gravity coil design is to supplement blower coils with misting systems. This option results in higher shrink rates and reduced product integrity.

Atmosphere® demonstrates Structural Concepts’ commitment to innovation through the development of multi-tiered meat and seafood merchandisers, with the integration of Areco’s nebulization technology. The new multi-tiered units solve the problems of moisture loss, capacity, and flexibility by providing the needed conditions to ensure product integrity and superior visual appeal. Technology is what truly sets the system apart, unlike a timer-based mister, gravity coil or chilled shelf, the system not only measures but controls humidity levels at all times, ensuring product integrity. A microprocessor built into the system adjusts and adapts to the ever-changing environment of the store.

Atmosphere® utilizes nebulization technology, which is the vaporization of water into micro-droplets in the form of a cool vapor that surrounds the product and prevents moisture loss. These are highly advanced systems utilizing computer controlled humidification sensors that are constantly reading the adjusting the humidity levels within the unit to ensure product integrity. This is a first of its kind technology integrated into a service meat and seafood unit.

With the combination of Structural Concepts precision refrigeration and nebulization humidification technology, operators can confidently display product in a more dynamic way than ever before, all while increasing capacity by as much as 3 times!

In similar installations in Europe operators have seen dramatic increases in product sales, and now the same results are being seen here in the USA, only 2 years into the Atmosphere® launch! On average Fresh Meat and Seafood departments are seeing a 25-30% sales lift. Bottom-line, your commitment to providing the variety, quality and capacity that your customers and operators demand is achievable, all in the same unit!

Learn more today about how Atmosphere® can drive more sales for you.