Flexible Food Wells

Presentation is the key to attracting customers and sparking their decision to buy. Buffet lines no longer need to be institutional looking and unappealing. Structural’s Reveal® flexible food wells create a visible foodscape experience using a variety of bowls, platters and other food vessels for a stunning food display.

Adjustable and Versatile

Adjustable display levels provide maximum visibility and offer the versatility needed to easily accommodate different daypart menus. The food wells can even be completely covered as product sells, providing flexibility for this multi-purpose display.

Reveal® food wells rely on the proven performance of Breeze-E, NSF Type II (80ºF and 60% relative humidity) refrigeration to deliver a fresh food environment that’s both visually stunning and consumer safe.

Perfect for applications like Hotel breakfast/happy hour food programs. In this application, the food wells can be completely covered during non-serving hours and the counter space used for other purposes. The refrigeration can remain operational even when the wells are covered.

University and Healthcare food serving lines are another application to consider the flexible wells for. The ability to present food in visually appealing food vessels versus stainless steel pans enhances food presentation and provides a restaurant-worthy experience. 

There’s more to food than just how it tastes. Presentation, presentation, presentation!

Flexible Food Well Product Information