Micromarket Solutions

Fresh, portion appropriate food selections in easy to access locations are important to consumers today.

Micromarkets are perfect for hotels and corporate sites with 24/7 unstaffed environments. Refrigerated grab and go displays are preferred over doored merchandisers as they provide unrestricted access to a large variety of fresh foods and allow multiple customers to shop at the same time.

Health and Safety standards regulate that micromarket cases must be self-monitoring and operate safely 24/7 without human intervention. Structural Concepts’ micromarket models utilize a product simulator which more accurately represents actual product temperature, to communicate with the onboard electronic controller. If unsafe temperatures are recorded, a roll-down door automatically closes to restrict access to the food and remains closed until reset by an attendant.

BV micromarket models feature our proven Breeze-E, Type II refrigeration, battery back-up system, and Clean Sweep® automatic condenser coil cleaner. 

Simple, safe, reliable micromarket solutions by Structural Concepts.

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