New! Antibacterial Powder-Coated Paint

Added Protection without Added Costs

Safety and reliability are two of our favorite things. Reliable refrigeration that ensures constant food-safe temperatures. Always. But now there’s more …

Structural Concepts is excited to introduce PPG SilverSan™ antibacterial powder-coating to our paint process to further protect your food and your customers from bacteria.

How does it work? The technology of SilverSan™ is specially formulated to allow the protective powder-coated paint to slowly release silver ions, which are proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria on surfaces. SilverSan™ provides invisible protection for peace of mind that your food and its environment remain safe.

SilverSan™ antibacterial paint is now the standard for our black finish on every Structural Concepts food display case. Other colors may also be available, contact us for details. There is no visible change to the paint but the benefits are clear—inhibited bacteria growth, increased product longevity, and painted surfaces protected from incidental chemical contact.

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