New Year, New Products!


Heated Reveal service cases are here! Our new heated Reveal models provide the same level of high-quality performance and reliability as the rest of the Reveal offering. Designed with convection style heating technology that emulates a hot air “envelope” to encapsulate the product consistently in heat ensures the best possible product experience unlike competing cases that use heated shelving that only warms the top or bottom of the product causing the bottom to be too hot and continue to cook and the top of the product to be cooler than desirable or doughy.

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Introducing the Reveal Mobile Case! This latest addition to the Reveal family is a refrigerated self-service display on casters. The Reveal Mobile Case allows for ultimate merchandising flexibility. Unlike mobile islands, these cases can be easily pushed up against shelving, walls, columns, or used back to back. The mobile case also uses less floor space by displaying product vertically instead of horizontally.

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Our new Oasis High Environment Refrigerated Self-service merchandiser is made to hold temperature in the most extreme conditions. When refrigerated equipment is used in an environment above its intended temperature and humidity threshold it underperforms. If the product isn’t kept at a safe temperature, exterior glass and panels start to condensate, the compressor continues to run which increases cost, and there is an increased chance of water on the floor that may lead to slip hazards among other issues. Oasis High Environment cases have been designed and engineered to hold products safely up to 85° F and 60% relative humidity! These cases are the perfect fit for schools, hospitals, hotels, and arenas.

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