The Benefits of Utilizing Self-Contained Display Cases In Your Supermarket

Selling more products in your supermarket is all about presenting customers with products in the right way at the right time. But you can be limited by your current floorplan and capabilities. Here at Structural Concepts, our self-contained display cases can help you break through this limitation and increase sales, return customers, and average checkout revenue.

What is a self-contained display case?

A self-contained display case is one that has a built-in refrigeration system as opposed to an external one, allowing for strategic placement of refrigerated displays anywhere in your supermarket.


What benefits can they bring to your supermarket?

The main benefit self-contained refrigerated display cases offer is flexibility. As mentioned above, self-contained display cases allow you to feature refrigerated products anywhere in your store: in the middle of aisles, at the end of checkout lanes, in an otherwise empty floor space. They truly give you the freedom to promote your products in whatever way you see fit. This flexibility can help you improve your promotional strategy when it comes to cross-merchandising, convenience shopping, and impulse buys.

1. Cross-Merchandising

With self-contained display cases, you can promote any refrigerated good alongside a dry good companion product: cheese and crackers alongside wine, hummus and other dips alongside chips, and yogurt and fruit alongside breakfast cereal.

2. Convenience Shopping

Self-contained display cases can help you create a more convenient shopping experience.

  1. Repositioning convenience items:
    When a customer is stopping by your store for just a couple of products, they want to be in and out quickly and conveniently. By positioning common items such as milk and eggs near the checkout, you can provide the no-hassle experience that shoppers appreciate.
  2. Providing Grab-and-Go alternatives:
    Offering Grab N Go solutions for frequently purchased items is a simple way to increase sales and enhance your customer experience. For example, if you know you sell 100 lbs of deli ham a day, why hide it behind the counter? Offer pre-portioned packages of popular deli meats and cheeses across from the deli counter to give shoppers the option of skipping the deli line altogether. This added convenience cuts down on their total trip time and creates a more positive experience that they will remember the next time they run out of lunch meat.


3. Impulse Buys

Taking advantage of impulse buys can lead to a big increase in sales. Up to 20% of the average household’s grocery bill comes from impulse purchases and 40% of total consumer spending occurs on impulse. Using self-contained display cases, you can promote a variety of refrigerated products at checkout, allowing you to offer your customers more than gum or chips on their way out the door.

What types of self-contained display cases are available?

There are a variety of self-contained display cases for refrigerated goods, but here at Structural Concepts, we segment ours into three main categories: Endcap, In-aisle, and Island.


1. Endcap Supermarket Display Cases

Self-contained cases are important because they can be positioned at the end of aisles to enhance the visibility of certain products and draw in customers who are passing by. They are ideal for promoting popular or on-sale items that have a strong chance of catching customers’ eyes.

2. In-aisle Supermarket Display Cases

In-aisle display cases are exactly what they sound like. These cases integrate seamlessly with aisle shelving units, allowing you to promote refrigerated goods right next to dry goods on the shelf. This can be perfect for executing the cross-merchandising tactics we mentioned earlier.

3. Island Supermarket Display Cases

Island display cases are the ultimate example of flexibility and mobility. Unlike other cases, islands function as spot merchandisers. They can be strategically positioned virtually anywhere in your store to capitalize on unused space or to add high margin products to a busy walkway. Another important feature of islands is that they are not limited to one location. You can have your display in one section today, and if it is not performing well, you can place it in another tomorrow. Will your meal kits sell better in the deli section, the prepared foods section, or near the checkout? If you want, you have the ability to test this out. Islands allow you the flexibility to capitalize on the untapped opportunities in your current store layout.

Interested in a Self-Contained Display Case for Your Store?

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