Focus on the Food, not the Display.

Reveal® is a collection of frameless glass merchandisers designed to blend in with its surroundings. The minimalistic, European-influenced design features UV-bonded glass that provides superior refrigeration and heating performance. Reveal offers a variety of models with multiple options and mix-and-match capabilities that have been rigorously tested to guarantee safe arrival and reliable performance. Nowhere else will you find this perfect combination of form and function!

For more information on our entire Reveal offering, see our Reveal brochure.

Attractive From Any Angle

Reveal® is the first completely frameless glass food display. The minimalistic, European-influenced design features UV-bonded glass that allows for obstruction free seams, eliminating any distraction from the food inside. Reveal® refrigerated service models take things a step further to showcase box-within-a-box construction, a design that forms ample air space between glass panes to provide the insulation needed to prevent condensation, made possible through the use of Insulated Glass (UVIG) technology.


Safe for Any Product

Reveal® is designed and tested to maintain safe food temperatures. Each refrigerated model is powered by the Breeze-E with EnergyWise refrigeration system, reducing daily energy consumption by more than 50% and ensuring superior performance in real-world conditions – operating in up to 80˚F and 60% humidity. Heated Reveal® models use convection style heating instead of conduction heating, which allows for even and safe product temperatures as well as reduces product shrink.


Perfect for Any Environment

We’ve engineered Reveal® for a variety of applications, providing nearly unlimited possibilities to display fresh food almost anywhere. Mix and match models for a customized presentation of the product that encourages impulse buying, cross-merchandising, and increases sales. Reveal® displays can be built into counters, walls, or other millwork pieces to blend with and complement any setting. They can also be used as freestanding displays, and our mobile option allows the flexibility for use anywhere in your business.

MODEL: NR4855RSV(2) and NR6055RSV
MODEL: NR3647RSV (2)