About Us – Our Story

Established in 1972, Structural Concepts is a leading innovator of temperature-controlled food display cases for supermarket and foodservice operators. At our core is our unprecedented expertise in self-contained refrigeration. We are a refrigeration engineering company who also designs and engineers beautiful display cabinets. Our pioneering, award-winning technology sets the standard for unmatched ease of operation, longer life, and stronger performance, providing operators with dramatically increased sales and reduced operating expenses. We are a non-union corporation headquartered in Muskegon, Michigan.

Mason Wells, a leading Midwest-based private equity firm, acquired Structural Concepts in October 2018, adding us to their engineered products and services portfolio. Through this new partnership, Structural Concepts continues to provide 45-years’ worth of industry trusted knowledge and expertise in product development for the foodservice and supermarket industries. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and advanced technology growth will help position us to reach new heights in supporting the industries display case needs and growing trends for decades to come. Structural Concepts applies its deep engineering capabilities to research and developing refrigerated merchandising solutions that work better, last longer, save energy and minimize operating costs.

Structural Concepts has embraced the Kaizen CI Program (Continuous Improvement) and we are committed to improving productivity, quality, morale, and profitability through applied action plans. These continuous improvement practices will be instrumental in the success of our company. Small, ongoing positive changes reap major improvements and have the support from the CEO all the way down – from top to shop. No problem is too large, or too small to be worth solving. Our culture must be one that values stopping when we see a problem and refusing to give up until it is solved, creating a culture that turns fear of change into the excitement of adventure.

SCC’s Kaizen Goals: Provide high-quality products, decrease production costs, lower scrap rates, minimize lead times and streamline work areas and production processes. When CI is applied as an action plan through a consistent and sustained program of successful Kaizen events, it teaches employees to think differently about their work; to embrace responsibility and take ownership to benefit the team and the company. Consistent application of Kaizen CI creates long term value by developing the culture needed for truly effective continuous improvement.

We are changing our work culture for the better, and we’re excited to see what changes the future has in store for the industry and the new display opportunities they bring to Structural Concepts.