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Craft Your Business Narrative

At the end of the day, you want your business to tell a story about who you are, what you stand for, and what people can expect from you. Consumers crave this narrative – they want to understand and assign meaning to the places they shop. This is where storytelling comes in.

To best tell your story, Structural Concepts can help ensure that all elements of your fresh food and chilled beverage merchandising schematics, planograms, and merchandiser shelf-space plans make sense as part of a complete visual narrative. 

Drive Sales with Strategic Product Placement

Product placement is a visual merchandising technique in which products are placed thoughtfully throughout a store in an effort to draw attention to them so that, ultimately, customers will be more likely to purchase them.  

Behind building the most innovative, energy-saving merchandisers with the shortest lead times in the industry, our goal has been to continually help our customers capture the attention of their shoppers, connect with them through the presentation of the fresh food displayed inside, and convince them to purchase.

Connect with Consumers Through Expert Displays and Visual Merchandising

By creating a showplace where your products will be seen, heard, and valued by your shoppers, our displays and visual merchandising expertise entice, excite, and enhance the buying experience resulting in driving more unplanned and incremental purchases and increased basket sizes. 

Connecting with consumers across categories such as deli, bakery, cheese, meat & seafood, and produce within every market channel where fresh food is sold, we can help you create a distinct selling environment that is flawlessly executed, both seamlessly and consistently.   

ReFFIT: When your brand evolves, so should your merchandising presentation.

As a leader in retail merchandising selling environments and branded shopper experiences, we bring your vision to life by combining the knowledge and expertise of interior and environmental design with a passion for visual merchandising. 

With the creation of our Retail Experience Fresh Food Inspiration Team (ReFFIT), which has brought together our shopper insights and industrial design functions with our product line development and management teams, our experts are dreaming up actionable solutions in an ever-changing market that will deliver retail growth for our partners.

Structural Concepts creates retail experiences that are personal, engaging, meaningful, and memorable.

Design consultation and display specifications.

Renderings and schematics.  

Floor plans and perspective views of proposed solutions. 

Retail space evaluation, department and merchandiser adjacencies, as well as space planning.  

Category management approach; Merchandised display with product presentation solutions.

Fixture and accessory recommendations based on display merchandise and stock requirements.

Drive sales, enhance your brand, and provide a stimulating shopping experience for customers.

Implement Best Practices For Strategic Product Placement

Cross merchandise with complementary items by putting commonly bought goods in the same area increases the likelihood that shoppers will purchase multiple products.

Encourage more high-end purchases by having more expensive items on levels where the shoppers are most likely to see them and less expensive options below or above their line of sight.

Display impulse-buy products around your cash wrap as customers are likely to grab without much thought.  This will keep people shopping and promote more units per transaction.

Optimize Sales And Customer Engagement

Highlight best sellers to draw customers in and then place slower sellers in their vicinity to boost visibility.

Avoiding unused space will also help keep your customers visually interested.  The more you can maximize your customer’s exposure to your products, the more likely they are to find something they want, and ultimately, make a purchase.

Entice customers to enter your store by placing key products near your entrance, and then force them to move through your entire space and see all that you have to offer by putting additional best-selling items toward the rear.

Merchandising Structural Concepts Displays

Explore our tips on optimizing Structural Concepts displays, focusing on upright areas, lower shelves, wells/risers, and curved ends to enhance product visibility and boost sales. 

Fundamental Guidelines

Discover the key factors for creating an effective retail environment with our latest resource. Covering aspects such as store layout, refrigeration units, traffic flow, and market demographics, establish successful merchandising goals and drive value with shoppers.

Explore Strategic Food Merchandising Insights: Featuring Jonathan Raduns from Merchandise Food LLC

We recently welcomed Jonathan Raduns, a Food and Beverage Merchandising Consultancy Director, at Merchandise Food LLC, to our offices to present the strategic value of visual merchandising solutions for businesses to drive incremental growth.    

Listen to our Fresh Connections podcast where he and Danielle McMiller, Vice President of Marketing for Structural Concepts, discuss going beyond merchandisers and displays to incorporating a wide variety of other factors and tactical elements that contribute to the success of presenting and selling fresh food.     

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