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We’re Ready with a Future Proof-Solution to Help You Be Ready for Your Future

Structural Concepts is transitioning its self-contained refrigerated merchandisers to R290 by the end of 2024. With the R290 system, fresh food operators will experience a quieter operation, a reduction in daily energy consumption, and a future proof solution that complies with EPA requirements.

What is R290

R290, also known as refrigeration-grade propane, has proven to be one of the most viable alternatives to high GWP HFC refrigerants in industrial and commercial applications.

R290 is a class A3 refrigerant by ASHRAE and is classified as a hydrocarbon refrigerant. It is a non-toxic, natural, and environmentally friendly refrigerant that is ideal for use in low-temperature refrigeration applications.

Be Confident That The Equipment You Are Purchasing Will Be Compliant And Arrive On Time

Structural Concepts is transitioning to R290, well ahead of the EPA’s 12/31/24 deadline so that your fresh food selling operations will not be disrupted in the reliable performance and peace of mind you expect from us. 

Our new common designs and robust components provide further peace of mind that you’ll experience consistent trouble-free operation – and our industry-best lead times will ensure immediate product availability and on-time delivery. 

What Is Structural Concepts Doing To Ensure A Seamless Conversion

Structural Concepts, in partnership with NIDEC, has innovated single and multi-circuit refrigeration systems that are future-proof and emphasize efficiency for daily energy savings.

We are conducting a full product line conversion from Hydrofluoroolefins (HFO’s) to low charge R290 variable speed technology; Single and multi-circuit systems using less than 150g of R290.

With the majority of cases transitioning to NSF Type II (operating in environments that don’t exceed 80° F and 55% relative humidity), we’re already prepared with our innovative Breeze-E refrigeration system. An easy-to-maintain, slide-out refrigeration system that’s designed with a variable speed compressor, smart microprocessor, and an oversized condenser coil to ensure a longer life and stronger overall performance providing the benefit of holding product-safe temperatures in warmer, more humid operating environments 

The R290 condensing unit with variable speed compressor smartly optimizes energy consumption by managing compressor on and off cycles. The onboard condensate pan provides a completely self-contained solution that is fully operational once the unit is plugged in.

Single Circuit Modular System

Single Circuit Modular System

28% Average Reduction in Energy Consumption

Dual Circuit Modular System 1

Dual Circuit Modular System

9% Average Reduction in Energy Consumption

Transition to R290 Refrigeration Systems

We are working to keep the impact of this change to a minimum, but some models will experience dimensional and/or electrical connection changes to accommodate a refrigeration system that uses less than 150 grams of R290. For most models, the model number won’t change with the R290 transition. 
Please refer to model specification sheets for exact details.

You’ll have an option for the current refrigeration or R290 for all POs received by 11/1/24, at which time the non-R290 system will be removed. For some models where dimensional changes occur, new models will replace the existing non-R290 models. When this occurs, both models will be available for orders until 11/1/24. 
After this date, the non-R290 model will be removed. 

We cannot produce non-R290 equipment after 12/31/24.

Newly Released R290 Products

R290 Product Launch Schedule

Refrigerated Self-Service Multipurpose Islands (MI-R)

Fusion Low, Mid, and high-Capacity Refrigerated Cases (G-Series)

Refrigerated Self-Service Islands & Endcaps (FSI / FSE / FSC)

Harmony Collection (HMO, HMG, HMBC)

Produce Cases (P-3941R)

Blend Collection (NM)

Self-Service Refrigerated Models (MD)

Reveal Refrigerated Cases (NE-RSSV. NE-RSV, NR-RSSV, NR-RSV)

Combination Cases (Co27, COU27)

Low/Med. Temp. Refrigerated Self-Service Multipurpose Island (MI-F)

We Believe Owning A Refrigerated Display Case Shouldn’t Be Hard Work

Our foundation of unprecedented expertise in self-contained refrigeration has allowed us to pioneer award-winning technology that sets the standard for reliable products with unmatched ease of operation and strong performance. We engineer purpose-built solutions for performance that brings peace of mind that your display is performing as intended and will be quick to maintain/service when needed. Watch this general-purpose guideline video on best practices for your Structural Concepts display utilizing R290 condensing units.

Frequently Asked Questions
R290 is a hydrocarbon refrigerant consisting of propane, with a chemical formula of C3H8. It belongs to the category of natural refrigerants, which are substances that occur naturally in the environment and have minimal impact on global warming and ozone depletion. R290 has gained popularity as an alternative to synthetic refrigerants due to its excellent thermodynamic properties and low environmental impact.
Commercial Refrigeration: R290 is commonly used in commercial refrigeration systems, including supermarket refrigerators, display cases, and cold storage facilities. Its efficient cooling properties make it suitable for maintaining optimal temperature conditions for food preservation.
Environmental Sustainability: By choosing R290 refrigerant, businesses and consumers can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to environmental conservation efforts. Its low GWP and ozone-friendly properties align with global initiatives to combat climate change and preserve the ozone layer. Energy Efficiency: R290’s superior thermodynamic properties translate to enhanced energy efficiency in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. By maximizing cooling performance while minimizing energy consumption, R290 helps lower operating costs and promote sustainable practices. Regulatory Compliance: With stringent regulations governing the use of synthetic refrigerants, R290 offers a compliant alternative for businesses seeking to adhere to environmental standards. Its natural composition and eco-friendly credentials make it an attractive choice for industries striving for sustainability.
While R290 is considered safe for use in refrigeration applications, proper handling and storage procedures are essential to mitigate potential risks. Here are some key safety considerations: Flammability: R290 is a flammable substance and should be handled with caution to prevent fire hazards. Installers and technicians must adhere to safety guidelines and use appropriate equipment to minimize the risk of ignition. Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is crucial when working with R290 to prevent the accumulation of flammable vapors in enclosed spaces. Proper ventilation systems should be in place to ensure a safe working environment for personnel.