Increase Sales by Offering Shoppers Healthy, Fresh Food Selections On-the-Go

Structural Concepts has long recognized the growing trend of convenience stores seen as a destination for fresh food by proactively delivering innovative display options that not only blend in with the store format but also offer cost-effective configurable turnkey solutions when merchandising strategies change over time.

Structural Concepts provides solutions aligned with the needs and interests of shoppers, ensures consistency in the fresh food product, and delivers an enhanced experience.

Fulfill All of Consumers’ Meal Needs

Foodservice accounted for 25.6% of in-store sales —significantly higher than the 16.8% reported a decade ago.
Source: NACS

Elevate the Customer Experience by Offering More Options

53% would visit a convenience store more often if healthy foods were readily available.
Source: Technomic

Capture Shoppers Attention by Increasing the Visibility of Popular or On-Sale Items

20% of shoppers decided to purchase their products onsite.
Source: NACS Convenience Voices

Enhance Convenience and Speed of Service to Time-Starved Shoppers

On average, customers spend only 0:03:33 from the time they leave their cars until the time they get back in their cars with their purchase.
Source: NACS Speed Metrics Survey
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How We Help C-Stores

Structural Concepts helps enhance convenience and speed of service to time-starved and health-conscience shoppers with a multitude of merchandisers that can be optimized across all store formats, including within key locations, such as high-traffic areas and at checkout. 

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Take the Next Step

Generate incremental demand by responding to customers’ busy lifestyles by offering more meal solutions that match their increasing needs. 

Our Products in Use

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