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Travel & Entertainment

Provide Convenient, Fresh Food Options to Travelers and Eventgoers in High-Traffic Areas

Structural Concepts can help increase operating ROI by generating demand with a wide range of heated and refrigerated foodservice solutions designed to fit any configuration and immediately garner the attention of passersby in need for grab & go meal options. 

Structural Concepts specializes in visualizing a solution and then thoughtfully develops merchandisers and displays that can be easily integrated into new or existing formats to ensure continuity of fit and design.

Meet Traveling Meal-Goers Anywhere, Anytime

Airline passenger numbers could double to 8.2 billion by 2037, and on average, 50% of passengers are eating and drinking at airports.
Source: IATA

Create a Cohesive Experience

Customers want food that travels well from a to-go menu that is optimized for travel.
Source: State of the Global Hospitality Industry, Lightspeed

Provide More Fresh Food Options to Audiences

78% of consumers ordered food the last time they were at a sports venue or concert arena saying they would purchase more on-site food if presented with a wider selection and bigger portions, as well as more healthy snacks and unique options.
Source: Dataessentials

Address Growing Labor Challenges

After inflation, the second and third largest issues operators say they face are hiring new staff (23%) and staff retention (11%).
Source: State of the Global Hospitality Industry, Lightspeed
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How We Help Travel & Entertainment

Structural Concepts reduces labor challenges by providing convenient, fresh food options to travelers and eventgoers with grab & go displays and self-service merchandisers that meet industry requirements, unarticulated needs, and existing market demands.

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Take the Next Step

Structural Concepts delivers endless innovative possibilities through an established vertical integration that puts more control over the quality and availability of the solutions we design, engineer, manufacture, and service.

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