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Structural Concepts is the preferred merchandiser manufacturer to design and offer a complete smart solution for autonomous shopping.

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Generate More Sales and Profits with Autonomous Shopping

100% Security / 100% Inventory Management Control

  • Operates seamlessly in remote locations
  • Safe and secure cashier-less transactions
  • Holds 23% more product than other models; Fewer and easier restocks
  • Simplest and lowest flat fee structures
  • Easy integration with existing payment systems
  • Accepts most methods of payment
  • Lowest overall operating costs
  • Includes SCC's hallmark industrial design and features

A Fully Automated Experience for Consumers and Operators

Automated Checkout allows shoppers to browse products directly on the shelf, have their selections automatically added to the cart, and pay with credit/debit and mobile payment for faster transactions.

For the operator, the autonomous solution tracks inventory and requires less labor, resulting in increased productivity.

Increase Profitability by Lowering Your Total Cost of Ownership with the ARM

The Estimated Payback for the ARM is Less than Four Months

Lowest Energy Consumption

On average, SCC is 40% lower.

Lowest Fees

On average, SCC is 54% lower.

Lowest Labor Cost

On average, SCC is 85% lower.

Generates More Profit

On average, SCC is 30% higher.

Highest Capacity

On average, SCC is 23% higher.

Source: Based on 45 Transactions per Day, Winter 2024

The Ideal Solution for All Environments


38% of college students want dining options open 24/7. McKinsey

More than 50% of institutions polled are interested in mobile ordering and/or cashierless pickup. McKinsey

Campus store/cafe traffic increased 21% and average transactions grew 23% in the months after going autonomous. Chartwells Higher Education Path Forward Survey

Outside of normal operating hours, students prefer to use self-checkout style or robotic vending option. NACUFS Campus Dining 2030 and Beyond


22% (one-fourth) say that automation and technology is the biggest trend in healthcare dining right now, and 9% say they’re using it to help them with their labor shortage issues. FSD’s Healthcare Survey

71% of operators indicate that they are likely to invest in replacing equipment, and 68% said they are likely to invest in technology within the next 24 months. AHF State of the Industry Report

Travel & Entertainment

Contactless options popularized by the pandemic will continue to be in-demand. Lodging Foodservice Report

Businesses & Institutions

Creating spaces where employees can grab a quick bite and take a coffee break when they need to recharge is a growing trend on business campuses. The Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management’s Semi-Annual Industry Standards and Benchmark Comparisons Report

Smart, Efficient, and Profitable

For the Operator

  • Location flexibility; Seamlessly expand footprint throughout food deserts
  • Manage and track inventory more accurately; Real-time insights
  • Sell more – waste less
  • Reduce labor – redirect tasks
  • Enhanced security – reduce theft

For the End-User

  • Convenient shopper experience; Available 24/7
  • Simplified user interface
  • Fully secured, accurate transactions
  • Ensures greater food safety
  • Easy to use; Creates familiarity

Expand Your Product Inventory

Experience unmatched flexibility and efficiency with our Satellite display cases to create the perfect combination display.

Refrigerated/Refrigerated: Keep your products chilled to perfection.

Refrigerated/Ambient: The perfect blend of freshness and convenience.

Ambient/Ambient: Versatile options for any merchandise.

Closer Look at ARM

A Closer Look at the ARM

Security Camera

Directed down to only capture hand making selections; used only to settle disputes.

Load Cell Trays

Operator programs food in each tray via the App; Weight tells systems what’s been selected.

R290 Refrigeration System

Slide-out pan, variable speed compressor, and an on board condensate pan.

Interactive LED Shelf Lights

Identifies tray that product was selected from and turns red when wrong product is put in a tray.

Ordering Table Cart/Screen

67% of consumers highlight that contactless experiences are important because they’re easy to use.

Credit Card Terminal

A majority of those who say that contactless experiences are important say it’s because they’re quick (59%).

Electronics Box (E-Box)

65% of consumers said privacy was a heightened concern, and they prefer an anonymous/privacy-protected shopping experience.

Easy Setup and Management

Initial Setup

Shelf Calibration

Inventory Setup

Restock Instructions

What the Industry is Saying About the ARM

Kitchen Innovations 2023 Award

A featured recipient of the 2023 Kitchen Innovations (KI) Award celebrating the back of house innovations that improve operations and generate growth through advances in automation, sustainability, efficiency, space saving and more.

National Retail Federation 2024 North America VIP Award Finalist

The ARM was recognized by NRF for Best Commerce/Multi-Vendor Platform Award. Structural Concepts was the only manufacturer considered for this prestigious honor as the other finalists included technology and software solution providers.

2024 Readers' Choice New Products of the Year Awards

The ARM is a nominee for the 2024 Readers' Choice New Products of the Year Awards through Vending Market Watch.

2024 FCSI's Product of the Year Award

The Autonomous Retail Merchandiser (ARM) received the Product of the Year Award from the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) as part of their 2024 Innovation Showcase. FCSI is one of the most respected, professional organizations offering design and management consulting services, specialized in the foodservice and hospitality industry, across the world.

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