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Provide Visitors and Staff Fresh Food Options That Can Be Displayed Independently or Integrated Within Existing Serving Lines

Designing and building merchandisers that last longer, save energy, and minimize operating costs, while driving a return on investment, Structural Concepts has long been recognized by the Healthcare industry as one of the most dependable and advanced foodservice suppliers. 

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By leveraging self-serving displays and flexible merchandisers, Structural Concepts helps promote increases in onsite patronage without the requirements of additional space or additional labor by offering guests the added accessibility to fresh food selections.

Food Can Determine the Patient’s Choice

42% of long-term care/senior-living residents say they considered food options early in the selection process.
Source: Hospital Food, Reimagined: Emerging Trends in Healthcare Foodservice

Increase Patronage

70% of consumers would visit more frequently, and 92% would return to an avoided location, if premium and fresh food items are menued.
Source: Hospital Food, Reimagined: Emerging Trends in Healthcare Foodservice

Opportunities Exist on the Horizon

71% of operators indicate that they are likely to invest in replacing equipment, and 68% of said they are likely to extremely likely to invest in technology within the next 24 months.
Source: AFH State of the Industry Report

Utilize Space-Saving Innovative Display Options

Key drivers in Healthcare foodservice is to have multi-purpose equipment and efficient design to make the best use of limited space to address customer needs and flow.
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How We Support the Healthcare Industry

Structural Concepts continues to support the mission of health and wellness by providing the most attractive, dependable, temperature-controlled display cases in the industry, when and where you need them.

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Take the Next Step

Enhance the presentation of more food options by providing a mix of service and self-service options, such as scalable micromarket formats, to meet the needs of convenience-seeking diners.

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