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Satisfy Employees Needs for Convenient Fresh, Healthy Snacks or Meal Options

Whether it be identifying more ways to be the most reliable and advanced foodservice resource to our customers, designing and building merchandisers that last longer, save energy, and minimize operating costs, or an unparalleled commitment to providing technical support, Structural Concepts delivers food display solutions when and where you need them to perform at the highest level.   

From the corporate cafeteria to areas with limited space, Structural Concepts provides adaptable, multi-purpose options ranging from full service to grab & to go to micromarkets that fit any space and safety requirements to visually present fresh food selections and drive sales.

More Companies are Investing in Their Kitchen & Dining Spaces

70% of US employers offer some kind of employee wellness program — many of them corporate dining services.
Source: Food in the Workplace Survey Reveals Food Perks Influence Millennials

Dining Areas Spur Collaboration and Productivity

Employees with poor eating habits are 66% MORE likely to show a decline in productivity than their co-workers who eat the right balance of fresh food.
Source: The Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management’s Semi-Annual Industry Standards and Benchmark Comparisons Report

Addressing Growing Labor Challenges

39% of operators say finding labor is one of their top challenges.
Source: NACS Convenience Voices
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How We Help Business & Institutions

Structural Concepts can help businesses capitalize on the modern consumer’s fast-paced lifestyle by producing the most innovative, turnkey refrigerated and heated food display and beverage merchandisers that can be seamlessly integrated into any environment and perform at the highest level. 

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Streamline employee traffic flow with a variety of solutions within serving lines and/or near checkout with full service and self-service options to complement existing foodservice menus.

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