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About Structural Concepts

Who We Are

Constantly Innovating the Art of the Fresh Food Presentation, Making the Desired More Desirable

Structural Concepts has spent the past 50+ years delivering the most attractive, reliable, temperature-controlled display cases, when and where you need them.

We are transforming the idea of what is possible, totally redefining the experience in the process. Whether it be identifying more ways to be the most reliable and advanced resource to our customers, designing and building merchandisers that last longer, save energy, and minimize operating costs, or an unparalleled commitment to providing backend technical support, we are committed to making it easier to better display and sell more fresh food today – and tomorrow.

How We Do It

Trusted Journey

Structural Concepts sets the standard for better solutions that meet industry requirements, unarticulated needs, and existing market demands. We engineer, manufacture, and create purpose-built solutions. We’re constantly innovating and improving, increasing efficiencies, and cementing trust.

From the corner bakery to the largest grocery chain, each is unique, with its own set of requirements. Our fresh food display cases are tailored and customized to fit your needs.

Indulgent Experience

Structural Concepts can see a problem and creatively solve it by taking a transformative approach that turns an opportunity into endless innovative possibilities. The vertical integration we’ve established gives us more control over the quality and availability of the solutions we design, engineer, and manufacture.

Structural Concepts is dedicated to producing products that work harder, beautifully.

Sophisticated Simplicity

Structural Concepts is passionate about every design and manufacturing detail and has set the standard throughout our company’s rich legacy from store fixture and bakery-focused displays to a top-performing merchandiser manufacturer.

It is our mission to design cases so simply beautiful that they go unnoticed making the product inside the focal point.

Join Us in Delivering Fresh. Always.

We believe that the key to success is not only to attract the best talent but also to create an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and collaboration. Our team is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and skillsets, all coming together to deliver fresh and innovative solutions to our customers.

Let Us Show You What is Possible