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Delivering Fresh. Always.

We leverage decades of industry-trusted knowledge and expertise to design and engineer solutions that meet the growing needs and market trends of the foodservice and supermarket industries.

Products that work harder, beautifully

It is our mission to design cases so simply beautiful that they go unnoticed making the product inside the focal point.

Performance is paramount

Our merchandisers have not only been designed to better display and sell more products but are built to last longer, save energy, and minimize operating costs.

Vertical integration

From refrigeration and sheet metal to powder coating and glass bonding, the vertical integration we’ve established allows us to deliver better products with optimized costs and lead times for our customers.

We strive to be the first choice for workmanship, reliability, and sustainability of products in the food merchandiser industry.

With operational excellence and continuous improvement as our cornerstone, we pride ourselves on strong partnerships with our team members, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and community.

Capabilities certified rd labs

Certified R&D Labs

We have fully equipped ETL satellite-certified test labs. All of the labs are UL approved and designed to test display cases for optimum refrigeration performance and NSF 7 certification. As each case is completed during the final assembly stage it is transferred to a Production Test Lab. All of our refrigerated cases are certified to Type I at a minimum, with a great many certified to Type II. Our heated merchandisers are certified to NSF 4, UL197.

Capabilities proprietary refrigeration design

Proprietary Refrigeration Design

Our company’s foundation of unprecedented expertise in self-contained refrigeration has allowed us to pioneer award-winning technology that sets the standard for reliable products with unmatched ease of operation and strong performance. Rather than relying on third-party refrigeration, we engineer and manufacture purpose-built solutions for performance that brings peace of mind that your display is performing as intended.

Capabilities refrigeration assembly

Refrigeration Assembly

Structural Concepts designs and assembles its own refrigeration packages. These refrigeration units are built specifically to the requirements needed for the case in which they will be used. This is a key factor in our strong refrigeration performance and energy-saving capabilities and affords the flexibility to respond to changing regulatory standards.

Capabilities sheet metal lasers

Sheet Metal Lasers

Structural Concepts is vertically integrated to optimize cost and lead time. We operate fully automated metal cutting with 3K and 6K fiber lasers, which are capable of running lights out.

Capabilities metal forming

Metal Forming, Fabrication, and Finishing

Metal parts that are cut on our lasers from CAD design are then programmed and formed on one of nine Brake Presses or our Panel Bender. Formed and fabricated components that require additional finishing are sent to our in-house paint facility for Powder Coating. This new investment includes a 6-stage pretreatment system, GEMA spraying equipment, Automatic Spray Gun booth of which are all inside our temperature and humidity-controlled paint room.

Capabilities woodshop


Our Woodshop provides customer specified & designed insulated panels with colorful painted surfaces or laminates, edge-banding and acrylic that is supported by our panel saw and 3 CNC Routers. Additionally, the CNC 3-axis routers can cut foamboard, blueboard insulation, SANALITE, acrylic, ABS, plywood and MDF.

Capabilities uv bonded

UV Bonded Glass Production Room

To support our goal of designing a case so beautifully simple it disappears, making the product the focus, a UV Bonded Glass Production room was built to produce our frameless display merchandisers. Dedicated, highly skilled employees have been trained to produce these glass components. Specialized glass cleaning machines and operator assist lifts ensure the glass remains defect-free during the bonding process.

Capabilities final product testing

Final Product Testing

Structural Concepts tests all self-contained refrigerated cases and heated cases. The test confirms controllers and expansion valves (refrigerated only) are set to meet performance requirements. The refrigerated cases are tested in a controlled environment room assuring consistent expansion valve settings.

ISO9001:2015 Standard

Structural Concepts is proudly certified as to meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 applicable to the design and manufacturing of temperature-controlled food and beverage merchandising displays.