ARM Total Cost of Ownership Webinar | Structural Concepts
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Total Cost of Ownership: Autonomous Retail Merchandiser (ARM)

Staying Relevant in Today’s Foodservice Marketplace is Key.

According to McKinsey, autonomous stores are an innovative way to stay relevant and meet ever-growing customer demands while transforming their cost structure and generating higher profits.  

We know managing foodservice equipment costs are important, and by committing to an autonomous solution, this further requires that you have the right equipment to lower your total cost of ownership.   

Watch the webinar to learn how Structural Concepts’ new Autonomous Retail Merchandiser has the lowest total cost of ownership inclusive of energy consumption, fee structures, and labor, generating the highest overall profitability among the competition. 

Increase Profitability by Lowering Your Total Cost of Ownership with the ARM

Lowest Energy Consumption

On average, SCC is 40% lower.

Lowest Fees

On average, SCC is 54% lower.

Lowest Labor Cost

On average, SCC is 85% lower.

Generates More Profit

On average, SCC is 30% higher.

Highest Capacity

On average, SCC is 23% higher.

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