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Call Shopper’s Attention to Hot And Cold Fresh Food Offerings With Displays That Fit Into Any Store Footprint

From service merchandisers lined up across multiple departments to single grab & go cases, the supermarket industry has relied on Structural Concepts for an enticing visual experience, a high-level of refrigeration and heating performance, and first-rate aftermarket support.

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As new challenges – inflation, labor, supply – continue to emerge, our strength has been to continually meet the needs of the industry with quicker lead times, price/value, functionality, fit & finish, and after sales support.

Fresh is the Main Draw

Fresh sales continue to be a driver for most supermarkets, with 60% saying perimeter sales increased over the last 12 months (just 22% said they remained the same vs. previous year.)
Source: Supermarket News Fresh Foods Trends Survey

Meet the High Demand for Fast Meal Solutions

65% of supermarkets said they plan to grow their prepared foods assortment.
Source: Supermarket News Fresh Foods Trends Survey

Take Advantage of Impulse Opportunities

Promotions and specials (cited by 50%) and grab-and-go offerings (46%) are two of the most powerful strategies supermarkets plan to execute this year.
Source: Supermarket News Fresh Foods Trends Survey

Meeting the Competition Head-On

The biggest threats to the prepared food business are fast-casual restaurants (41%), quick-service restaurants (35%), club stores (31%), and more cooking at home (31%).
Source: Supermarket News Fresh Foods Trends Survey
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How We Help Supermarkets

Structural Concepts has long partnered with its customers by focusing together on the love consumers have for fresh food and on all the competitive advantages in delivering a great in-store experience. 

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Take the Next Step

Structural Concepts allows for the presentation of prepared fresh food anywhere in the store, including in high traffic areas, while incorporating unique upsell and impulse-buying opportunities.

Our Products in Use

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